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Outdoor Speaker System Planning Guide

Apr 27


It's an ideal moment to relax by the pool with your family or invite your friends to dine out. Activities outdoors can be made enjoyable with the right music. An outdoor music Dallas by 7PiXL will provide top-quality audio all over your house. What size space do need to be able to play music? Are you looking for smaller spaces like decks or patios or an expansive space like your entire backyard with a hot tub, a swimming pool, barbecue, and fire pit areas?

Outdoor Speaker Systems for Large Spaces

It is a good idea to make distinct zones for larger areas in order to ensure that each zone is as loud or quiet as possible. For large areas, the sound of just one speaker is not enough. Depending on where you reside, the sound can be either too loud or quiet.

The system is able to be used at lower volume and still have a great sound in every room due to the many speakers. This is a fantastic choice for your family and friends. Each zone is able to be assigned volume controls. This allows you to alter the volume according to what is going on in that specific area. The volume is set to allow for conversation around the table outside. If there is too much noise it is possible to raise the volume through the pool.


Outdoor Speaker Systems For Small Spaces

For smaller areas, there may be only just one zone. There is no need for more speakers and are less likely to require additional power sources. You don't have to choose low-quality outdoor speakers. Because your space is smaller, you don't need to sacrifice the quality of sound or control. You can also enjoy durability, reliability, and control.


Power Options for Outdoor Speaker Systems


Speakers that can be powered by your own power

If you don't have a source of power, then a self-powered one can be used. It is possible to plug in your speakers, and then listen to music on your smartphone. It's a simple solution as you don't need to run wires for your speakers throughout the house or to an amp.

The main issue is limited power and poor audio quality. It's excellent, but it's not the greatest.


Non-powered Speakers

You'll get better power and sound. However, you'll have to determine how to connect them to an amplifier or AVR. This is an optional step, but it is important.


Optional Amplifiers

Running cables

Decide if you'd like to put the amp outside in an outdoor enclosure with weatherproofing. Or run the speaker wires indoors for connection to an amp or an AVR. It is also possible to reconsider the location of your speakers. It is essential to connect the speaker wires to the amp source.


Find the route to find the equipment. After that, you can continue straight to the location. For lengths over 50 feet, choose the strongest audio cables (minimum 14 gauge). It should be certified CL3 for underground burial. It should be at minimum 6 inches deep underground.


You can consider other locations for speakers if there is no route to the border. It must be feasible.


Music Source Options

When you have all of your cables connected to your equipment, you are able to decide which music you would like to listen to. Most likely, you will stream from your phone or control a streaming device via your phone. It is likely that you stream directly from your phone using Bluetooth. There are some limitations regarding distance and interruption. To control streaming sources close to the amplifier, it is best to use Wi-Fi with your smartphone.


Connecting your speakers

After you've chosen the speaker, you will now decide how the speakers will be connected. These are your options:


If you want to use a simple, single-zone system, you could connect your AVR via speaker wires. You can choose from Speaker A or B, and the outputs of the B speakers are also available.


Speaker selectors are a possibility to add to systems with multiple speakers. These can be purchased with or without volume controls. It is also possible to connect a powerful amplifier to the speakers you have for your outside. You can then select the music from your smartphone to start listening.


Do I need an outdoor subwoofer speaker system or is it not necessary?

Yes! You can! You don't need to be loud and booming to bother your neighbors. Subwoofers can provide a full spectrum of frequencies with less distortion.

If you're using a subwoofer in an individual zone system, place it near the speakers in the center. If you're in search of multi-zone systems, position the subwoofer close to the main speakers.

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